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Italian Water-Ice

Softserve Ice Cream

Vanilla, Chocolate and Swirl

Premium Ice Cream

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Creamsicle (Gelati)

Softserve ice cream in the middle of your favorite water-ice.


Turn your favorite flavor of water-ice into delicious drinks.

Ice Cream Float

Rootbeer Float, Coke Float

Cream on Top

Condensed Milk, Chocolate Drizzle, Caramel Drizzle

Ice Cream Toppings:

Oreo's, m&m's, Rainbow & Chocolate Sprinkles, Chocolate & Caramel Drizzle


Plain, Salt and Cinnamon Sugar

Italian Water-Ice

"Not your Ordinary Snowcones"

- Non Dairy, No Fat, Gluten Free, Made Fresh Everyday -


* Banana * Birthday Cake * Black Cherry *Black Raspberry * Blue Blast (Raspberry)* Bubblegum* Brain Freeze (Raspberry Coconut) *Coconut * Blue Coconut * Coconut Cream * Chocolate  * Cotton Candy * Cherry * Black Cherry * Dragons Blood (Strawberry with a hint of Coconut)* Grape * Iced Tea * Horchata * Lemon * Lime * Mango * MangoBerry * Melon Ball * Orange Cream * PassionBerry * PassionFruit * Peach * Pina Colada *  Pineapple * Rootbeer* Sour Apple * Sour Watermelon * Sour Cherry *Strawberry * Strawberry Banana * Strawberry Kiwi * Strawberry Lemonade * Sugar Free Cherry * Sugar Free Watermelon * Vanilla *

BEST SELLERS: Mango, Strawberry Lemonade, Dragons Blood, Black Cherry, Orange Cream, Pina Colada

Premium Homemade Ice Cream

Made in Small Batches with locally sourced dairy!


* Old Fashioned Vanilla * Chocolate * Butter Pecan * Black Raspberry * Cookies N Cream * Coffee Heath Crunch * Mint Chocolate Chip * Pistachio * Peach * Strawberry ShortCake * Salted Caramel * 

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